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      • After a collective experience of 30 years of quest in health and fitness field, Mr. Vijay Parsana has created Parsana Wellness as a vehicle to deliver the essence of his research and insights. Good health is the foundation of good life, and food, activity and attitude and lifestyle are the factors that determine our health and well being. A state of harmony between body, mind and spirit can be achieved by learning and implementing right practices. The result will be a thriving body-mind, a thriving you.We offer services and products that help you achieve this. With our experience and expertise we give solutions for maintaining good health. 
Our Success Story

  • Yoga and 9UP –helping prisoners
  •  “I lost excess weight with 9UP and my pain in the lower spine is also healed.”

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  • Relief from Thyroid Problem with 9UP
  • “9UP cured my Thyroid problem. It is very effective & amazing.”

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  • 9UP Results curing diseases
  • “I found relief in all my health problems with 9UP. Now I am fit and energetic every day.”

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Explore our Ayurvedic products that are highly effective and priced just right. Our consumers got unbelievable results & complete satisfaction. No side effects, only benefits!
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